Today was pretty awesome. My first self-designed shirt came in!

Today started like any other Tuesday. I got out of bed, took a shower, got myself and my son ready, had breakfast with my wife and son, brought the little guy to daycare, and then headed off to work.

Well that was a first!

The first truly epic event of the day was when I dropped my son off at daycare. He immediately started playing.

I got a high five and a kiss, and that was it! No clinging onto my leg today, no screaming and crying ‘daddy noooo don’t leave’—none of the usual Tuesday morning drama.

He just went out there and started playing. That’s pretty big if you know how dropping him off at daycare has mostly looked like! First epic win of the day.


While driving to work, and later driving home, I had some time to think about all kinds of stuff. Today my mind was occupied by several things.

I want to simplify things a little bit.

To get somewhere, I need the “it’s a marathon, not a sprint” mindset. Or the writer’s “mandatory ten sentences a day” that mostly turn out to become way more.

And actions

Yesterday, I already took a step in that direction. I took the ‘project backlog’ page offline because that would only be a list of projects that might never come to fruition.

I want to focus on the blog and webshop part.

Today, as I was saying, my mind was in that same corner.

For the short term, I have decided to try and get a print-on-demand merchandise webshop up and running.

Whether that’s a page on this site or a redirect to an Etsy account, I don’t know yet. But I’m thinking in that direction right now.

I felt some kind of relief having come to this conclusion—it feels great!

I got home and found something exciting!

When I got home from work, I noticed a delivered package with my name on it and my heart skipped a beat.

This next feeling could be euphoric, but there was also a possibility that I’d feel the exact opposite of euphoria.

I knew what was in the package. It was my first-ever shirt design. I felt excited and nervous. How would the design look in reality? Would it look as good as on the mock-up online?

You can imagine the first thing I did was rip that package open. I got the shirt out.

I designed an oversized faded t-shirt, color beige-ish, with my newly designed logo on the chest and a personally AI-designed back.

The fabric felt great. The front logo looked awesome, and the print seemed of good quality. Now the back—turn it around. Same story, BAM!

Immediately, I took my shirt off so I could try this new one on. It felt great. I asked my wife, and she said it looked great! Now THAT is what I want to hear. Fuck, this is pretty fucking awesome if you ask me. What a day!

Great content for the blog, let’s gooo

Naturally, I wanted to write all this down—how my day went, what I did. So, I got behind the keyboard and went to the website.

I have posted three little blogs until now, so there are still three left that are filled with fictional text or test text, if you will. One of my short-term goals is to replace those with my own blogs.

Then I noticed, on the blog pages, the menu color is white on a white background, so I immediately tried to fix it. This happens to me a lot—impulsive action. I couldn’t fix it, and after half an hour, I gave up. So if you read this today, the problem is still there.

My priority right now is this blog. Get those ten sentences written, then the rest should follow. I believe I succeeded. Today was pretty awesome!



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