Six months in, doing great!

The past few weeks I’ve consistently put in some hours during available moments. This means the website is getting somewhere.

The website now has the sections that matter to me at this stage.

You can view the blog posts page, there is a webshop page, and of course, there is an about page and a contact page.

I admit, I’m not a website designer (yet)

Although I acknowledge it’s ugly as fuck, there is happiness for me in its current state. I’ve built this! It’s not much, but it’s honest work.

So the design is noob at best, there is no consistent styling or something like a brand guide, if you will. BUT for now, it works.

I am free

I can build from where I am. I can focus on either writing blogs or exploring the Dadwanderer merchandise chapter.

Got to admit that I am pretty excited at the moment!

What are your thoughts? Every suggestion is more than welcome, please leave a comment!



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