Who are we?

Our Mission

At DadWanderer.com, our mission is to navigate the journey of fatherhood with honesty, humor, and heart.


We aim to create a supportive and engaging community for dads, sharing insights and experiences that inspire personal growth and digital savvy. 


Through our blogs and projects, we strive for our own fulfillment while embracing the challenges and joys of raising children in a digital age, fostering meaningful connections and lifelong learning.

Our TEAm

Dadmin (Cheesy AF, But Found It Funny)

Wishing to stay anonymous for now, I’m the voice behind DadWanderer.com. Writing helps me process my thoughts and emotions, and I’d rather share my story here than be a cry baby in real life. For now, I’m the only team member. 

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time, and I’m excited to finally get this project on the road. If things go well, other projects might follow. Being European, I aim to source from Europe for any future projects.