Hello World!

While being a little cheesy, “Hello world” is often the start of a new digital journey. And this is the start of my new journey.

I am a dad, wandering through life, thinking a lot about goals in life and maybe a little overthinking what I could have done better in the past.


I have so many thoughts, often thinking that I should write a book, or a blog. And the next thought is that I am not that interesting for anyone to read about.

So, here I am, starting anyway haha. Because honestly it’s not just for you, this is also for myself.

I have found out pretty recently that writing down my more negative thoughts help me get them out of my head, so I started doing that. And since I have felt like writing a blog since a who knows how long, I might be able to write some kind of a blog pretty regularly.

Life goals

Maybe my goals in life will become a little clearer to myself, maybe I’ll just have fun doing this but it leads nowhere, maybe I get a lot of great ideas while writing. So many possible outcomes at this point.

My new digital career

This little project of mine is also the start of my digital “career”. I’d like to be some kind of digital expert, knowing my way around the internet.

So when my son gets a little older, I can teach him stuff. Stuff like how to stay anonymus and safe online.

I feel that in the not to distant future it will be fucking valuable to be as anonymously as possible. So I will try to learn something about that, and then I might write something about it.

My fear of being out here, and failure

At this point, I have a gazillion ideas to write about. Maybe all of it will come to fruition, maybe-not. We’ll see.

Maybe nobody will ever read this, maybe somebody will. Maybe someone will even find it entertaining enough to leave a response or something, lmao.

If you read this, then I salute you! If you feel connected, please leave a message.

Maybe it’s something I’m scared to admit on ‘paper’ but it would be pretty epic to inspire someone, or make someone smile.


At this point, there are a lot of “maybe’s”, but at least I’m having fun writing this. Maybe I’ll learn something in the process. About stuff, or about myself.



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